Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hanging out at home

Ok, so my baby shower was PERFECT and sooo cute. I could not have asked for anything better. All of my hostesses did an amazing job and there were close to 60 guests so I was a little shocked. I'm so thankful for my Dr. for letting me go to the shower. This was my first and probably last shower so it was very special to me. I got all of the things off my registry that I wanted or needed and I can't wait for everything to be set up and ready for Jack.

So far bed rest is going well and I'm so thankful the Dr let me stay home and out of the hospital for at least another week. I'm a little bored and feeling pretty dang lazy but at least it's working. My contractions have slowed down A LOT so I'm very thankful for that and maybe the baby has moved up least that's what I'm hoping. Jack is 3lbs 3oz (as of last Wed) so his movements are pretty intense sometimes. He's quite a busy boy, especially when I lay down to nap or sleep at night but I wouldn't trade that feeling for anything. I already know I'm going to miss it once he's born. This is truly a blessing!

My mom has been here since Thursday and helps sooo much. She was supposed to leave Tuesday but Kirby's grandad passed away on Sunday so she decided to stay and help me out until the funeral was over and things settled down. She has been cooking, cleaning, chasing after Kaleb, entertaining Kaleb and taking me to appointments. She constantly has her plate full but never complains...she's awesome. Thanks mom for everything you do for us and others!

Not a whole lot to report for now and I am still working on the pictures so bare with me. I'll post pics of the baby shower was awesome!

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